Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cheater, Lier...

Q: What's in a Lie?



1[lahy] noun, verb, lied, ly⋅ing.
1.a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.
2.something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.
3.an inaccurate or false statement.
the charge or accusation of lying: He flung the lie back at his accusers.

It's a difficult one. 

Although we all like to think that option 3 is as complicated as it gets, option 1 is the reality. 

This topic was brought to my attention today when i found myself choosing to lie my way out of an unidentified school sporting activity. This is quite a common occurrence for us stereotypical VCE students, as we all feel it is simply a waste of an afternoon to wait around at an athletics track in the rain, in our heinous school sport uniforms doing nothing but pretending to be interested in whether our house wins enough points in the high jump. Instead, we could be studying for our upcoming exams, re-scheduling SACs, meeting with teachers to catch up on the work we missed last week or simply sitting at home watching hannah montana. My personal choice is the latter. 

Damn Miley. Why can't I have the best of both worlds?

Anyway, back to my initial question: What's in a lie? It can be something as small as "... Yeah Mum I don't have any study to do tonight", or something much bigger that has the potential to create a cataclysmic hole in a friendship. I think the fatal attraction that we humans have towards lying has something to do with how easy it is to let a lie slip through our lips, and how hard it is to wrench the truth from the bottom of our soul. The truth is hard; lying is not... 

# actually - scratch that #

At face value, and face value only, the truth is hard; lying is not. 

If you think about it, when you tell a lie it feels like the best quick fix ever. Take my example of getting out of this "unidentified school sporting activity"; As soon as I told my head of house "My best friend is coming home from a 6-month French exchange today, and her plane has come in early" I felt like the smartest kid ever. It wasn't until now, as I sit on my couch watching "New Zealand's Next Top Model" that I think...

"Fuck. Planes are never early."

Good one Chloe.

I guess what I'm trying to say is; as cliché as it may seem - Big lies can be big trouble. I think I'll get my penance if my Mother gets a rather unexpected phone call this afternoon, but I can live with that. I think.

In fact:

Today is the day that I stop unnecessarily lying. 
she lied. 

In Other News : 

43 days until I board a plane to Honolulu. 52 days until I re-trace last September's footsteps through JFK airport. 

maybe someone can use my return as an excuse,  but careful readers, we wouldn't want any lies to come of this...

Until next time



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